Saturday, June 5, 2010

Destin 2010

Well, we're back from the BEACH, and we ARE NOT covered in tar or oil!! We consider that a sucessful vacation given the circumstances.  We left for the beach on Saturday and came back on Friday, so we are basically sun'd and fun'd out! We had a fabulous time and the weather was really wonderful considering it was giving thunderstorms everyday. It really only rained us out one time and then only for a couple of hours.

We watched the news every day, tracking the oil. There's a great website for the Destin area ( that we check fairly often. When we returned home on Friday evening, Jason happened to check it and it said that tar balls were just then washing up on the beach in Destin. We really dodged that bullet.

Some of the highlights included the dolphin and sting ray sightings, the movie by the pool (Planet 51), and some great one-liners by Alden! My favorite was when he kept saying he wanted to go to the "cat pool." I finally figured out the he meant the "kitty" pool! Of course, in referring to it, I had said "kiddie" pool, but for a four-year old, that's what he heard! There was also the drama where a child did her business in her suit, it fell out, and she proceeded to pick it up, much to the horror of her poor mother! We have lots of memories from this vacation, especially as it's the last one as the Baggett Family of FOUR!!!

Here is the trip in pictures!

These are from the Lazy River at our hotel.

Leaving for Dinner...
Although you can't see very well, this is also Pregnancy Week 29!

The next ones are from the Crab Trap, which we loved because we had such a great table and view.

Play area at the Crab Trap...

Back to the Beach...

These are from the Splash Garden at our hotel. Alden loved it, and Annaleigh did too!

Pregnancy - Week 28