Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alden's 5th Birthday

This has to be the most low-key party we have ever had. Everyone was sick, and I mean SICK! Actually, the party was the bright spot in the week...Pappy was already very sick and couldn't come. Jason and I had also been sickly, but not to the point of skipping the party, just miserable! The party, if you could call it that, consisted of our immediate family, Nana, Meemaw, Granny Dunn, and Uncle Culley, and Dawson....that's it.

Shortly after, like hours after, both Nana and Uncle Culley came down with what Pappy had, and within a couple of days, both of them were in the hospital!! To make up for such a pitiful celebration of my sweet son's life, we took two of his friends to Chucky Cheese the next afternoon. They really know how to celebrate!

Great-Granny Dunn and Aubrey

Uncle Culley and Dawson playing the Wii...

Meemaw and Annaleigh playing on the ipod...

The birthday boy and his LEGO cake...

Aubrey gets her some blue cake icing...

Party Decorations...I made copies of all of Alden's previous birthdays and included those so everyone could see how much he had changed! Next are the close-ups...

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

4th Birthday

Opening presents...

Surrounded by lots of love!

Chuck E. Cheese with friends!

They were all so good...

...that we took them all to the primary school to play on the playground afterwards.
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

1st Valentine's Day

Although very belated, Annaleigh, Alden, and Aubrey had a great Valentine's Day!
This was special for Aubrey as her first Valentine's!
Granddaddy and Nana also came over later and brought flowers for all the girls (Mama included!) and something special for Alden, too!

The loot from Mama and Daddy...

Alden got a DS game...Batman...

Annaleigh got Brighton earrings...

...and Aubrey got a Pillow Pet!

This was her Valentine's outfit for school!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aubrey is 6 Months Old!

How could it possibly be? 

My baby went from this...

To this...
In just six short months?

Just two short days after her six month birthday on February 8th, Aubrey Jill decided that she was tired of rolling around on her belly and back...

While I was trying some clothes on her for upcoming pictures, she decided she would just start sitting up all on her own...and here she is!

So, what are you up to these days Sweet Girl? 

Well, you are the happiest baby I have ever been around! You are simply joyful all the time. You are loving your teachers at school, Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Linda. You never cry at school at all. At night, you are sometimes sleeping thru the night, and other times you wake up and are hungry again. I usually feed you, but I let you stay in the bed with us after that. In the mornings, you lay in our bed and sleep while we all get ready for school. Then you wake up happy and ready to go. 

You are rolling over still, and now you are sitting up. You love to jump in your "Johnny Jumper" that has the musical pad under it. You still love your exersaucer, your walker (where you go backwards most of the time), and now you like to sit in the high chair and play with toys while we are in the kitchen. 

You are a big eater these days. You like carrots, apples, and pears the best. The only thing you aren't crazy about is peas! 

You like to go all kinds of places with us. You are happy anywhere we go, even seemingly all day Upward basketball games with Alden and Annaleigh! You sit on my lap and just watch all the action....that is when you aren't being passed around by all the adults in your life who adore you!

I am trying so hard to keep you little, but you are growing up before my eyes!