Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aubrey is 9 months old!

Summer has arrived at Casa de Baggett! The kids and I have already braved the pool water (a balmy 81 degrees on the first day), and Aubrey seemed to have the best time! These are pics from her first time in the pool. I suspect there will be many more to follow. Also, we have planned a beach vacation for this summer, and I can't wait to see how she does. Alden was a great beach baby, so maybe she'll take after her brother.

In other news, this month has brought about many new changes for Aubrey Jill (or "Aub" as Alden likes to call her...and actually, I think it's sweet). She is now pulling up to everything, and she only holds on with one hand. Occasionally, she'll let go and stand by herself for a few seconds. Then, it's like she realizes what she's done, and she sits down really fast! Of equal importance is the fact that she is now waving to everyone! At first, she started saying bye-bye (ok, well it was b-b, but we knew what she meant) and waving, but now she waves at you and expects you to wave back and say "hi!" It is so sweet! She is still crawling everywhere and she is fast, too! She can get out of your sight in just a moment, and everytime, she goes to the electrical plugs!!! She loves cords of any kind. She also loves shoes, which is not bad in and of itself, but she likes to chew on them. We also have to watch her so carefully because we live in the land of Lego, so at any moment, I might fine Luke Skywalker's light saber or Harry Potter's wand in my floor, ready to go straight to her mouth. Alden is really a very neat and clean little boy, but there are just so many Legos!!

Aubrey's tastes haven't changed much in the last month with regard to her favorite toys and things to do at home. She has now taken a liking to her giraffe teething toy, so we keep that one on hand at all times. It's either that or our hands! She is really independent, so she likes to be in her walker so she can do as she pleases. Occasionally she likes to jump in her Johnny Jumper while we get ready in the mornings. She also likes to sit in her high chair and play. That is a necessity at times (shower, Legos all over the floor) and she seems to like it. She also really likes to watch Alden play.

Aubrey is still eating about the same, except now, she is really getting the hang of feeding herself and using her pincer grasp. She is also very aware of what we are eating, and I can tell she wants table food just like we are I oblige her! She likes gravy the best! Strangely, she doesn't like juice, but not for my lack of trying. We'll keep working on that one.

In health news, it has been a fairly rough month. Aubrey had some terrible congestion/cough, so we took her to the doc, and she had an ear infection brewing. After antibiotics, she had all the fun things that go along with a course of those, so back to the doc we went. Not only that, but she had an infection in the other ear! So, two more medicines we given. Thank goodness she is such a good medicine taker! Speaking of, I did find a contraption to give meds using a med cup and a nipple on top. I, for the record, said she would never drink meds out of it because of the taste. Annaleigh, for the record, said she thought it was a grand idea. I spent $3 thinking that was the biggest waste of money ever...but since I bought it already, I should at least give it a try? For the record, I was wrong, and Annaleigh was right. She loved the new contraption and took both her meds at the same time! It was the best $3 I've ever spent! Aubrey also has a total of 3.5 teeth now! She has the bottom two in the middle, the top left and now the 2nd top left! It is the .5 that has just popped through.

Aubrey has also developed some weird sleeping habits. In the last month or so, she gets rocked (or bounced to sleep on our knees) and we put her in her bed. I know, I know, but we've never had a baby that cried it out, and I don't see the point in starting now! Anyway, she will sleep in her bed for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, then she wakes up. We have to get her back to sleep again, and depending on the time, she sometimes just ends up in bed with us, which also, is just fine. In the last week or so, she has started waking up in our bed, sitting up, then trying to find one of us to lay on! She'll scoot over to us, still sitting up (but never opens her eyes) and want to lean over on us. The she just goes back to sleep! That is what I really love. Also, she still takes a power nap in the mornings and a longer nap after lunch.

Lastly, the weirdest thing she does is one that I've never seen before! I am not a newbie mama, so you'd think there's nothing I haven't seen, or at least heard of before....but alas. Aubrey is a major pincher!!! I don't mean gentle, sweet pinches. I mean, get you right in that tender spot on the back of the arm, or under your chin. She does it most when she's sleepy, so it's got to be some kind of soothing thing for her, but I can't stand it. And that's hard, too, when you're trying to get her to go to sleep, but I have to tell her "no!" and move her hands. Most times she's not too crazy about that. AND...I almost forgot...she has started head-butting, too! She might turn out to be quite the little scrapper!

In any case, Aubrey is the light of our lives, pinching and all! We wish we could slow down time, but our baby will be one before we know it!