Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

This weekend was pretty uneventful, in an eventful sort of way...Friday night, we had great plans to get the house picked up and clothes washed, just so we didn't have to do any of it on Saturday, AND, so we could go shopping for maternity clothes!! Those plans were a bust, at least the cleaning part. However, did that stop me from going shopping, meaning I would leave my house in total disarray, and my dear mother would say that if, heaven forbid, something happened while we were gone, you know, like one of us DIED, some stranger would have to come and clean my nasty house just to have the wake....no, I left is just like it was and went shopping anyway! If someone sees my house in that state, I probably won't care, b/c I'll be dead anyway! It's a good thing I have such a good outlook. Totally unrelated, but my mother is really that way. We used to clean religiously before we left to go on vacation. That way, if the whole family fell to some catastrophe, well, at least the house was clean!

So, the mall. They only have a Gap Maternity in a bigger town near us, so we headed to the big city with the 3-year-old in tow. He was awesome! Jason had him dressed so cute in a little sweater and cargo pants. Unfortunately, that didn't last long. The drive must have been too long for him, b/c he had an accident. Fortunately for me, that is one thing my boy never does. I could count on one hand how many times that has happened! The bad part, although Jason did remember to bring extra clothes, they were not the cute mall kind. It was a Bama shirt and sweats. Strictly emergency clothes. Would our fun be spoiled? NO! We let him look like a ragamuffin all day and he was such a sweet, happy boy. I did find some awesome buys at the mall. Seriously, I paid $2.98 for some of the shirts I bought. I was so happy, b/c maternity clothes are expensive to only wear a few months.

Speaking of, I am 11 weeks today. I have quite the belly on me too! I could stress about the fact that the girl who teaches next door to me is about 24 weeks pregnant, and we are about the same size. However, this is her first and my third, so I am cutting myself some slack. Also, I have always gotten big pretty fast. With my daughter, I honestly lied about my due date and moved it up a few weeks b/c I was so embarrassed about how big I was! I think all this is compounded by the fact that my gestational diabetes is back...again....and very early this time. So I am trying to get the diet regulated and go from there. I see the OB again on Monday and the nutritionist on Tuesday, so they'll tell me if insulin is needed again. (It was with my daughter, but not my son-I was able to control it with him using diet only). We'll see what all they have in store for me then. AND, maybe I'll get to hear the heartbeat again!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Basics of the Baggetts

So. This is it. I have come out of the world of blog lurkers. I really don't know why it took this long for me to start my own blog! I was actually talking to a friend about starting a blog herself. She just found out she's on bedrest (for the most part) because she's carrying quads!! I told her that we'd all be interested to know what she had to say while she was at home. Then I started thinking, "Wow, that's the pot calling the kettle black."

So. Here I am. A little bit about me and the Baggett Basics to begin with. I have been married to my unbelievable husband for 12 years. I know, we can't believe how long that is either! In that time, we have managed to accomplish alot. We both received our undergrad degrees from the same school. We had a beautiful daughter, Annaleigh, in '98. My husband, a former active duty Army member and current member of the Alabama National Guard, went to Officer Candidate School for a few months and went from an enlisted soldier to an officer. He has since moved up the ladder to make Captain. Uncle Sam called shortly after that, and Jason ended up spending a year in Iraq. That left me at home with Annaleigh all alone. I began my first teaching job just three days after he left. I think I was so overwhelmed with 8th graders, I didn't have much time to miss him (although I really did!) Our long time apart ended up lasting 13 months.

Shortly after he came home, along came sweet baby number two, a boy, named Alden, in '06. While I was still expecting, like I needed another thing on my plate, I went back to school for my Master's and finished in 11 months. (I believe in torturing one's self for a short time, rather than dragging it out.) Last year, as if I hadn't had enough school so far, I completed a rigorous process for teachers called National Board Certification, and I PASSED the first time! This year I teach 6th grade Science, but most years I teach both 6th & 7th grade. Now, Jason has started his Master's degree. AND, if that isn't enough, we are now expecting sweet baby number three in August!!

So. Once again. That's about it in a nutshell. I started this blog as sort of a scrapbook for my family, and if I might entertain my husband, parents, and in-laws, or embarrass my kids along the way, then well, that's just a bonus!