Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dressing Up

Aubrey is so much fun to dress up! They didn't have these sweet headbands and bows when Annaleigh was little, so I am really having fun with these!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tate Farms, Year TEN

Our "pumpkin patch" is known in these parts as Tate Farms. Believe it or not, we have just accomplished our TENTH season, and this year broke a record by staying at the Farm for FIVE hours!

Since Annaleigh was just three, we have been going to Tate Farms. Each year the configuration of attendees varies, but Annaleigh and I are always included, then for the last five years, Alden has been, too. Jason has been most years, except once when he had Guard Drill, and another when he was overseas in Iraq...and once for the Alabama-Tennessee game, but I digress. Most years, Nana and Granddaddy have gone, and last year my brother and his little girl went, too. The ultimate goal will be for the whole family to make it one year, but we'll see if that ever happens!

Also as a warning, this is an extremely long post, but afterall, I'm scrapbooking for my family!

Baby Aubrey absolutely loved this wrap/sling by Baby K'tan! It is so comfortable for me, and she loved being able to look around and take in all the festivities. She stayed in this for over an hour, and would have stayed longer, but she was getting hungry!

I could swing with her too!

And I had my hands free to take pictures and have fun with Annaleigh and Alden!

Annaleigh loves her sister soooo much...

Tractor Tires...

Doesn't this just scream 'sassy' ???

Aubrey's first time petting a bunny...

This year they had a LLAMA!

And goats are always a favorite...

Alden wanted a red and white dinosaur painted on his face...???

While I was nursing Aubrey on the porch, Nana and Granddaddy let Alden go through the Hay Maze by himself! He was pretty happy about it! Let's be honest, the adults are too bulky and really slowed him down!

My precious Annaleigh is always so good about doing things with her baby brother, even though she is too old for it. I know most kids would think they are waaaay to cool to pretend to ride in this car with a 4 year old...Thank you Annaleigh, LOVE Alden

Lovin' the slide...

Granddaddy and his favorite person...

I could see this one coming...

And he lands his right hook perfectly! To his credit, this is how he and his Daddy play!

Nana and her baby...

The corn crib...we even brought lots home in our underwear!
Is that too much information???

Tire swings...

Checking to make sure Aubrey is okay...unprompted by any adults! We had her covered up because the sun was so bright and they needed to make sure she was okay.

The Cotton Jump...or Snuggle, whichever you prefer!

"Punkin Chunkin"

Okay, these are a favorite every year...
"How Tall This Fall?"
Here are some from previous years and this year...
My how my babies have grown!

Annaleigh - 2004

Annaleigh - 2005

Annaleigh - 2006

Annaleigh - 2007

Annaleigh - 2008

Annaleigh - 2009 

Annaleigh - 2010

Alden's 1st Year at the Pumpkin Patch - 2006

Alden - 2007

Alden - 2008

Alden - 2009
Could you tell it was really cold last year?

Alden - 2010

 Aubrey (and Mommy) - 2010
Hopefully, this is the first of many years at the Pumpkin Patch!

First trip to pick pumpkins...

Her shirt says "Daddy's Under My Spell." Boy is that ever true!

Annaleigh picking out her pumpkin...

Alden picking his pumpkin...
He wanted a green one...

Annaleigh helped to pick out Aubrey's pumpkin for her...

I love this look! The hayride to and from the pumpkin fields was a little windy!

The Baggett Family - 2010

It was another great year at Tate Farms...

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?