Thursday, November 18, 2010

Playing Dress Up

Aubrey is like a life-size doll! I love getting her dressed up!

I will, in an effort for complete honesty, reveal my "Super Mom" moment that happened this day. We went to Huntsville and ran several errands, met Daddy for lunch, etc. On the way home, we picked up Alden at school. During the short ride to Casa de Baggett, like less than five minutes, Aubrey started throwing such a fit! I rocked the car seat, sang, and blasted country music (her fav), all to no avail! I thought she was just hungry, and if we could just make it home, she'd be so much better...When I pulled in the garage and opened her door...I saw what my poor baby was crying about...she had this bow pulled down completely over her eyes! She still looked cute though!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Harvest Meal

Alden's "school," AKA our church has a Harvest Meal each fall for all of our families. We always have a great time, and this year was no exception. The kids sang and we all ate soups of different varieties. This will be Alden's last Harvest Meal, since he goes to school next year!

A Day in the Life of Aubrey Jill

Praying Mommy will stop taking pictures...

Finally resigned to the fact that she just can't!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Party Like a Soccer Star

After fall soccer season was over, we had a party at the Sports Center for the kiddos. Alden had a really good time with all the new friends he made at soccer. Next endeavor....Upward Basketball, here we come! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Aubrey is 3 months old!

...And it looks like she just stepped off the set of Little House on the Prairie!

This sweet little 3 month old girl is wearing a very special made by her great-grandmother for her grandmother! That might have been confusing...the dress was made by my granny (her great-granny) for my mother (her Nana). Granny has saved this for 60-some odd years (we won't give away Nana's age!) and it has held up pretty well. It is very fragile however, and kinda feels like paper towel material. Needless to say, I was very proud that Aubrey got to wear this very special dress.

Now Aubrey - What are you up to at 3 months old?

The most exciting news is that YOU ARE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! When I say all night, I really mean it! You are going to sleep between 9:30 and 10:30 and sleeping until well after 6:30 AM!! This is big for everyone in the Baggett household! You still love to be wrapped in the swaddle blanket each night, and even sometimes during the day for naps when you are a little fussy. When you wake in the morning, you are usually really hungry and nearly gnaw your fist off before I can get you changed!

Right now, you are about 12 lbs and approximately  25 inches long. That is according to the best measurements Mommy could make by placing you on some wrapping paper and marking your head and your heel. I'm sure there's a more accurate way to do this, but it's how the nurse at the doc's office does it so I figured this was close!

You are still nursing really well, too. You are a very happy, content baby. The only time you get upset is when you have a dirty diaper, and really, who would be happy about that? In the last few days, you have gotten many new toys to play with. We got you a Bumbo seat and you really seem to like it! You sit in it and wring your hands. You like to chew on your fists, and I figure your feet are next! We also got down Alden's exersaucer to see if you could sit in it yet. It's still a little big and your feet don't touch the bottom (and I had to pack a blanket in around you) but you really like it! There are lots of toys to play with on it. You aren't grabbing for them yet, but you really like to look at them. You also have a new mat to lay on and play under. I think it's your favorite. You can hold a rattle in your hand. You are smiling at us all the time, and you are thinking hard about laughing! You aren't rolling over yet, but Mommy's not really in any hurry for that either!

You are such a joy Aubrey Jill! Mommy loves you so much!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Darth Vader... 

AKA - Alden!

Aubrey's 1st Halloween as a bumble bee!
She stayed in this about 2 nanoseconds!

My three little Pumpkins!

Just keepin' it real...This is what the remainder of the group pics looked like...Annaleigh trying to manage a spitting-up Aubrey while Alden continued to try to hug her!