Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Newest AJHS Majorette Is...

Sooooooo PROUD of my baby girl! She worked so hard, and it paid off!

You are looking at the newest members of the 2011-2012 AJHS Majorettes!

There are 15 of them total.
Aren't they the prettiest group of girls?!

The "7th" Grade Majorettes...At least that's what they'll be next year.
Five out of six of them have all been taking lessons together for the last year or so from the baton "guru" in a nearby town...It paid off!

Calling Daddy to tell him the good news!

Getting a hug from last year's Captain, Aly.

Calling Nana!

Annaleigh and her bestest best friend talking to their Daddies! I'm so proud that BOTH of them made it! Her mother was rooting for Annaleigh just as much as her own daughter.

I think that a major reason for Annaleigh's success is due to this precious young lady, Miss Jill. She helped Annaleigh during the week of tryouts and tweeked her routine to give her just the right amount of spunk and sass!! What makes you think she knows anything about twirling?? Well, she just graduated from the University of Alabama, and while she was there, she was a Crimsonette!! Now, if you're not from the South, you might not understand this, but here, these girls are celebrities!! They're the closest thing to royalty that you can get!

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