Friday, May 21, 2010

The Name Game

The weekend after Mother's Day is always our annual dance revue, this year called "The Name Game."  It revolved around songs with names in the title, and as usual, it was very cute! This made Annaleigh's 9th Revue!

We had an all-day rehearsal on Saturday (and by all day, I really mean it...from about 8:45 until about 3:30!), then we had two shows on Sunday afternoon. Mind you that Jason had guard drill all weekend, so Alden had to hang out with a LOT of girls ALL weekend!

Our first dance was baton and we danced to the song "Johnny B Good." Although Annaleigh had done really well catching her baton in practice, especially her one-turn, we had a few misses on stage. What made it so funny was the look on her face! She took it all in stride and was really able to laugh at herself. THAT is what's really important!

Future majorettes...

Annaleigh is in the center here, #17...yes, that's her graduation year!

Here's the group photo at the end.

Next was pointe. Annaleigh's class danced with some younger, regular ballet students. It was a LOT of girls in a short amount of stage space, but they all did really well and it was very sweet. They danced to "Hey Jude." This is the first year where the pointe was really obvious! Last year was pre-pointe and they weren't really ready to go up on their toes, but this year they did, and it was really beautiful.

Next was regular ballet danced to a number called "Daniel." The girls all looked really pretty and graceful.

This was at the Awards Ceremony right before the Intermission. Annaleigh received her nine-year trophy. If she keeps at this, she will have been dancing 15 years at her senior show!! What a goal to work toward! Now, how much money will I have spent by them?!??

The next number was Jazz danced to "Gloria." It was really one of my favorites because she is so spunky!

I included this one, although blurry, because I never get any action shots of her. We can't use flash photography during the show (some poor dancer might careen off the stage), so action shots are almost impossible! But this one was very pretty, despite the poor quality!

Another cute group shot. She's the one with her hand up.

Lastly was competition! We've seen this number numerous times, but it was still precious! These are our little rockers dancing to "Your Mama Don't Dance....And Your Daddy Don't Rock-N-Roll!

The LAST of our SIX costumes was the finale number where they wore their recital tshirts. This was the obligatory picture after the show.

This one is because she just can't take all those cute pics without throwing some goofy ones in there too!

And where was my little man during all this estrogen-fest, you ask? Asleep on Nana...where else?

Thursday, May 13, 2010


A teacher friend of mine came and told me the funniest story today. You see, her son Dawson and my son Alden are in the same class at preschool. Dawson was very concerned about Alden's "brother" and what we were going to name him! Maybe Alden really does know something we don't know!! The funniest part, Alden told Dawson we were naming him "Jock."  I just hope he's not too dissappointed if we get a "Jockette!"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dancing the Weekend Away

Annaleigh has been dancing with the same studio for 9 years, but this year, we joined the Competition Team in addition to regular dance classes. Right now, she takes baton (gearing up for majorette tryouts next year), jazz, ballet, pointe, and the competition class. These are our dance pics this year...or at least some of them. We have never had this many costume changes! She is wearing a total of 6 different outfits if you count the finale! That also has varying hairstyles associated, so I will be a very busy dance mom come recital day!

Jazz - Dancing to "Gloria"

Competition - Dancing to "Your Mama Don't Dance"

Waiting at the photography studio...These are the pointe costumes.

Regular ballet costume

Annaleigh and friend have danced together in the exact same classes for 8 of the last 9 years!

The lady at the studio always makes cookies for picture day each year! How sweet! These girls are getting a bit delirious from all the waiting! These can take several hours!!!

Now they have lost it!

Competition has included 2 weekends of dance at the beautiful Alabama Theater in Birmingham, and this past weekend we were at the Roy Acuff Theater in Nashville. Yes, that is the same weekend that Nashville received 13 inches of rain and the whole city is flooded. There were several deaths also associated with this flash flooding. We were some of the lucky ones who did actually make it home in time and weren't stuck there in the city. We did see some terrible conditions, though. From what I understand now, the very place we were performing is now under water! All of the area around the Grand Old Opry as well as Opry Mills Mall is under water! It was still a fun weekend despite feeling like a duck the entire time!

All the girls wait on stage for awards...

Annaleigh got to get up and receive their GOLD award!

The "Rockers" Group

The "Rockers" and their long-time dance teacher, Mrs. Dana.

Annaleigh and the trophy


Back from the Doc

Today's appointment was fun! There was a student in the ultrasound room, so I got to just lay back and watch while she learned, which equates to more time for me to stare at my sweet baby! He or she measured 24.5 weeks and I'm at 25.1 weeks, so that's pretty much on target. The surprise....he or she gained an entire pound in 5 weeks and now weighs 1 lb, 12 oz!
Also, I was right! He or she is breech! No one seemed bothered by that, at least not now. The baby did a lot of hiding today, too! The ultrasound girls couldn't believe we didn't want to find out the sex, and it was just killing one of them. She even turned the screen away from me so that I couldn't see so she could try to get a peek! As they were looking, both girls started laughing and said that this baby was keeping the secret well! It's legs were closed tight, so if Mama wasn't going to find out, neither were they! The baby was also so sweet in that what we did see was of the baby chewing on its fist.

So far, I have gained 14 lbs. I am sure I should probably slow down a little bit right about now, but for the moment...all is good!

That is the face hiding behind the placenta.

Chewing on its fist...the next one is better.

If you look sideways, you can see this sweet thing really going to town on its fist! During the ultrasound, you could even see the baby sticking its tongue in and out of its mouth!

Pregnancy - Week 25

This is week 25!! I will be anxious to see what is going on with this little guy or girl at our ultrasound appt today. My doc scheduled another one to look at the size of the baby, and see how things are going with regard to my diabetes. I have gained about 12 lbs for far, so I suppose they are just keeping a watch on how big the baby is, since that is one of the complications associated with gestational diabetes. I think I am pretty much on target with my weight like I was with the other two kiddos though. I gained 26 lbs with Annaleigh (and I had to take insulin with her) and I gained 25 lbs with Alden (and didn't have to take insulin.)

I will also be interested to see which way this baby is turned right now, because I will just about swear that it is breech as of now! Since this isn't my first rodeo, I am aware of how babies feel when they move. With Annaleigh and Alden, I always felt kicks and jabs all over, but mainly up underneath my ribs...and those were some strong little feet! Here lately, I am feeling nothing but kicks very deep in my belly and very low. My bladder is taking a daily beating, so I am thinking it is head up, feet down right now. I know this can change very quickly and they could always turn around, but I would just be curious to see!

Pregnancy - Week 23

Ultrasound - 20 weeks

I just now got around to scanning these in! These were our ultrasound pics of Baby Baggett from our 20 week appointment. We still don't know what we're having...boy or girl...only God knows...well, and maybe the sonographer, but she's not telling!

As of these pics, the baby is measuring just like it's supposed to, and it weighs a whopping 12 ounces!

This is the face. You can even see the lens of the eye. It's the circle on the baby's right eye.

Profile. Chin is resting on chest.

Profile. You can see the ribs knitting together on the chest.

Profile. This one is hard to see, but it's left arm is folded up behind it's head.

Monday, May 3, 2010

DARE Graduation

Last week, Jason was on a business trip, so the kids and I got ready to go to Annaleigh's DARE graduation. Alden was just wearing jeans and a polo, but he looked so darn cute, I wanted to take a pic to send to his Daddy. I asked him to stand somewhere by the couch and smile, and this is what I got! What a doll!

Annaleigh looked pretty cute herself! This is her after the DARE graduation with her certificate.