Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It couldn't have happened any other way. I really should buy a lottery ticket or go to Vegas...that's how lucky I am.

It started with a jury summons. I have made it all the way to my 30's without being called upon. I was actually kind of excited. Afterall, it might prove to be interesting. I have always voted, and by that I mean I have really done my best to be an EDUCATED voter. I do the research, pray about it, and try to pick the best candidate. I don't speed, always wear my seatbelt, buckle my kids in carseats. I don't drink, don't smoke or anything of that nature. I am a good citizen. So the next step would be to serve my county if needed as a juror.

The morning we had to report was uneventful. I frankly thought I would get there, be dismissed early, and just get the rest of the day off! ( I had a sub for all day just in case.) There were about 200 people in the courtroom. It was so crowded, the only seats left were the ones at the attorney tables! Granted, I didn't complain, because they were nice and padded! We listened to the judge, a very nice man, explain how all this would work. We took all the necessary info in and answered all the questions he asked (are we citizens, at least 18, never have lost the right to vote, etc.) The we listened as all the people who had excuses came up to talk to the judge and explain themselves. For the record, the mic was off and the whole courtroom wasn't supposed to hear, but remember, I was sitting up front! Also, I was so surprised that people had so many excuses! There were 3 people that said they couldn't serve b/c they were diabetic. Hello??? Me too, but I'm still here! But I digress. Then we filled out a questionaire. The clerk took them all up, separated them into random piles and picked out 18 people to serve on the Grand Jury. Are you kidding me? Out of about 200 people, guess who got called? Yes, it was little 'ole me! I was actually excited at that point. How cool to see how this all really works.

So, we all head to the Grand Jury Room. On the Grand Jury, you basically hear a lot of cases and then decide whether there is enough merit to send it to a judge and jury to be heard. Now, remember my luck? Out of those 18 people, guess who just happened to be picked to be the Foreman?? You're right! Me again! What Luck!! My job was basically to take lots of notes and then take the vote at the end.

I can honestly say, this was a really fantastic experience. Everyone was so professional and nice. We live in an area where people really care about their community and the law enforcement and court officials are top-notch.


I had one of those milestone moments for a Mom. After my doc appt this week, Alden and I stopped at Chic-Fil-A (or Chic-A-Lay as Alden calls it) for supper since it was so late. As we were sitting at the table eating, Alden was being such a sweetie, as always. He said, "Mommy, I wanna marry you, but you're already married to Daddy!" I was in LOVE! I'm sure that is some kind of Oedipus/Electra complex, but I'll deal with that later! For now, I know my boy loves me!

Pregnancy - Week 20

Since we already had the camera out, I went ahead with the 20 week pic, although technically it is almost week 21! Please try not to be jealous of those white legs!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was a great day with a great reason to celebrate! He is Risen!!! Church was fabulous, and in great Southern Baptist tradition, we sang all of my favorite Easter hymns, like "Up From the Grave He Arose," that I've been singing since I was a little girl. We were supposed to be in the nursery for church, but someone else decided to stay with his wife, so they sent us out to "big church."

Every year since we've been married, we always bring the camera to church and take pics in front of the trees. Funny how Easter falls on different weekends and weather patterns, so sometimes the trees are in full bloom, sometimes they're green, and sometimes they look dead! They were really pretty this year.

Easter 2010
Annaleigh (age 11)
Alden (age 4)
Baby Baggett (20 weeks....on the way!)

As we were trying on clothes for Easter, Alden became very irritable, and quite frankly, a little crabby about wanting a "tag." The clothes we were trying on had those security tags on them, so that's what Jason and I thought he was talking about. He kept getting more and more ill and didn't like anything we picked out. I finally said, tell me what a tag looks like. He began to gesture with his hand and around his neck and chest and said, you know it's long....that sweet boy wanted a tie! So a tie he got!

Sweet Brother and Sister

We usually all go to my parents house after church for the Easter festivities. Last year, my dad hooked up the wagons to the lawnmower and let the kids ride. It seems to have become a tradition! The kids had a really great time, but I think Granddaddy liked it best of all. He is the one in the blue bunny ears!

Alden enjoying the ride

Annaleigh pretending that she's too big for this, but she was really having fun too!

Granddaddy, Nana, and Baby Claire

Alden finding all the eggs hidden around Granddaddy's old truck

More egg hunting with Alden...
Annaleigh was happier hiding the eggs for the little tykes.

Alden showing his loot to his cousin Dawson

Ok, no, I am not that bad of a photographer, and no, I'm not really mad! I hesitate to include this, b/c it was an accident! Even though I am smack in the middle of this photo and I am clearly not expecting my pic to be taken....and I am the size of a house...I think it is sweet b/c you can see all of my family (and friends) in the background! I am thinking that my brother, Culley took this. Annaleigh is on the left in her Daddy's lap, and he is talking to Granddaddy. That's me in the middle foreground! My Great Uncle Bobby is on the steps next to my SIL Brandi who is checking out her pics! That's my grandmother in the front right. On the back of the porch is Taylor (his mother, Suzi, keeps my niece, Claire, during the week), my other brother Wes is under the orange balloon, and Gene is beside him (Suzi's hubby.) Then, almost out of frame is Suzi! I think that's Suzi's daughter in the background too! Who am I missing? Well, Mom isn't in the pic. Neither is Alden, Claire, or Dawson. Needless to say, I feel very blessed to be surrounded by all of my family!

Spring Break - Day 5

On the final day in Atlanta, we visited the Fernbank Natural History Museum. It was full of dinosaurs and the like, and although we didn't believe in all the crock they said about the age of the Earth and how it was formed, it was still neat to see all of the exhibits.

First take a picture of the kiddos

Inside the cave

Alden and the Dinosaurs

Not scared of the gators!

They had some really cool science exhibits

Daddy is very talented! But I think Alden has other things in mind...

That's a mischievious look....

.....For good reason! There goes the giant bubble!

Sissy tries her hand at bubble making...but why is it on her head???

Spring Break - Day 4

On Thursday, Daddy finished up at work around lunch, so he was ours for the rest of the day and all day on Friday! Thursday turned out to be my favorite, although it was crammed full and we were exhausted by the time it was over.

We started out our day at the CNN Center, and I have to tell this hilarious story. We enter the lobby and were trying to get our bearings when we were approached by a man who welcomed us asked where we needed to go. I say that we are going on the CNN Studio tour. He is very nice and friendly and leads us over to a poster and procedes to show us (pointing at the pictures on the poster) that we will start the tour in the lobby, go through the studios, and end up back in the lobby (all while pointing us to three pics on the poster of the beginning, middle, and end of the tour.) I say that first, we need to find the ladies' room and he directs us (very specifically) to a restaurant and tells me exactly where to go. I am thinking, how nice is this guy? So, Annaleigh and I head to the RR. When we come out, I find Jason and Alden waiting for us, but Jason is not looking like himself. Frankly, he looks a little disgusted. We get into the elevator, and dear hubby turns to me and says, "Did you think that guy worked here at the CNN Center?" To which I reply, "Yes....." Well, turns out, after gullible, naive Holly walks off, this guy hits Jason up for money. He doesn't work at CNN, he's a BUM!! I couldn't stop laughing that I actually fell for this. I mean, I pride myself on being a pretty astute, but this guy really pulled one on me!

As for the rest of the tour, it was fabulous. Although we are die-hard Fox News folks, the CNN tour was really nice and informative. They didn't allow photography inside the studio, but we did get to see some guy (can't remember his name) doing his live broadcast. Here are the pics I took before and after the tour.

On a side note, Jason and I did the CNN tour way back in 1998 and we actually got to see a vice-presidential motorcade AND then-VP Al Gore! For the record, Jason and I are also die-hard Republicans, but I also have a great respect for the OFFICE of the Presidency and VP, so it was still cool! We saw him go up the escalator with this entourage, waited until he was done with his interview, then got to shake hands with him.

The largest free-standing escalator in the goes up 8 stories!

Waiting for the tour to start

Inside the atrium

CNN / Turner Broadcasting is home of Cartoon Network which broadcasts Alden's favorite show: Ben 10.
He thought this huge wall art was so cool!

The Cartoon Network Store...

...where we had to buy 2 books!!

Our next stop was close by at the World of Coca-Cola. Jason and I went way back in '98, but since then, it has changed locations, so this was new to us. There was a tour of old memorabilia, the bottling process, a PHENOMENAL 4D movie, and of course....tasting the Cokes from around the world!

In the Lobby of the World of Coca-Cola

Alden picks his favorite giant Coke bottle

Annaleigh pics the bottle that matches her Northface shirt!

Pretending to order a Coke from the Soda Jerk...
At the previous location, they had a real guy who worked as the Soda Jerk...
Apparently they bronzed him!

The COOLEST part of all...
They let us hold the real Olympic torch from the Vancouver Games!

Alden needed a little help holding it!

Posing on the Coca-Cola couch used on American Idol

Alden wanted his picture taken behind this random Police Officer sign!

The taste testing area...
These kids weren't afraid to try anything, but they eventually wanted some good old American Coca-Cola!

Alden actually liked several of them...

But from the look on his face here, some of them were NOT very good!

When you leave, you get to have your own bottle of Coke

Alden was pretty happy about his!

We also bought a Christmas ornament from the Coca-Cola Store

After the Coca-Cola Center, we headed to an Atlanta Thrashers hockey game. The kids and I have never been to a hockey game before. We did have a good time, although you can see, Alden didn't make it through the first period! He slept on me the entire rest of the game.

Inside Phillips Arena

1st Hockey Game, or as Alden calls it, "Hick-ockey!"

The Baggett Family rooting for the Thrashers! (minus Alden, who is snoozing!)

Spring Break, Day 5 to come! Then we head back to Alabama!