Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Sunday at Church

Aubrey went to church for the first time today! She is 2 weeks and 3 days old. She made it just fine, and I only missed the last part of Sunday School and the first part of church because she was hungry! She had lots of folks dying to get their hands on her! The pastor asked us to stand and be recognized, which was very sweet! Then he made the comment that he sure was glad that God gave babies to young couples, which really made everyone laugh! Overall, it was a very good Lord's Day!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

What are little boys made of?
Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...
This was the outfit for Baby Baggett if SHE had been a HE!

Soccer Star

It's hard to find something that young boys can do. Annaleigh was in dance before she turned three, but sports for little guys are hard to come by. They can't play any of the major three yet, so soccer is where we finally turned, although Jason and I don't know anything about it!

Alden's first soccer practice was 4 days after Aubrey was born. I couldn't take her with us because it was just too hot here in Alabama in our triple-digit heat, but I also couldn't miss my son's big debut. So, Granddaddy "reluctanly" agreed to keep Aubrey for the rest of the family to go to practice! I bet she didn't get laid down the entire hour I was gone!!

The first half of practice, the kids do drills and such, then the second half, they split up and play a "game." The only drawback was that we were lacking in some basic equipment when we arrived! The first parent meeting took place while I was in the hospital having Aubrey, so needless to say, we missed it. I talked to the director that weekend about what we needed to do and got all the info...except the part about needing special shoes, socks and shinguards! I think the guy must have thought we knew, or just forgot to tell us! I said before, we know nothing about soccer, and since this was "little kid" soccer, we really didn't think it was that serious. So, in these pics, Alden is the only kid not wearing the proper attire! He was set the next week though. Here are some shots of the big day...

Getting info from the "Coach"

Talking strategy...

Ready for a water break...

Hoard mentality!

1st Days at Home

Arriving home at about 10:30 pm on Saturday night, August 7th


Getting ready for bed on her fist night home. She shares a room with Jason and I right now, as you can see in the background. She is also wearing one of Annaleigh's bunting sacks, which is now almost 12 years old! I think she is a good mix of both Annaleigh and Alden...

When we got home, Jason found a box from FTD on the porch...These beautiful tulips were sent by the National Guard Family Readiness Group. It was such a nice surprise!

Bathing beauty...
A little sun for a little jaundice...

We came home late on Saturday night, and the kids started school on Monday! Here's Annaleigh, age 11, heading to the sixth grade without me!! She is technically in my Science class this year, although I have a wonderful sub taking my place for the whole first semester! I'm loving the time off with my baby, but I'm also missing that Annaleigh is at the jr. high without Mom!

Alden's first day back at preschool in Mrs. Trish's class...

And Aubrey's first day home with me! Alden will be with us everyday except Mondays and Wednesdays until I go back to work in JANUARY!

Sweet brother and sister...Alden is simply smitten with Baby Aubrey.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pregnancy Finally Coming to an End???!!!

Thursday, the 5th, was my second doctor appointment for the week. On Monday, the doc said I was at 3.5 and 75% and that I should come and "bring my stuff" just in case, so needless to say I was pretty excited! I also decided to go back to work for all of the inservice days before school started, so I was tired and swelled and fairly miserable!

I had my bi-weekly non-stress test, and they made me stay on the machine for 2 cyles. I knew I was having some pretty good contractions, but I had to wait until the doc came and and gave the go ahead...AND HE DID!!! I was at 4 by that point, so I went on the the hospital! Shortly after I got there, Jason and Annaleigh arrived to keep me company.

There were lots of questions to answer....
And forms to fill out...
And this is the last official picture of my baby belly at 38 weeks and 3 days!

Annaleigh calling all of her friends...

So, those are the last pics before the chaos started and the big announcement came...Things went a little crazy after this. I had a really fast labor with both my other children, and after my water breaks, it's on! I tried to tell the nurse and the doc that I wanted my epidural BEFORE they broke my water, but it just didn't happen like that. The doc needed to do it right away and get things going, so I reluctantly agreed. He broke my water at 9:25pm. Strong contractions followed...and followed...and followed. Then came the pressure. I kept trying to tell them it was going fast...too fast. I got the epidural at 10:25pm, and the contractions were much better, but the pressure kept building. The nurses came in to get things ready and I assured them that I WAS READY! She checked me and I had gone from 5 to 10 in a matter of about 10 minutes! They intended to walk me through some practice pushes, but apparently I don't need any practice. Once I "practiced" they said to STOP! I tried, but it was too late for that! Once they realized there was no turning back, the sweet nurses did what they do best! They had no choice but to deliver my sweet baby and be the first to announce...

It's a GIRL!

Aubrey Jill Baggett
August 5, 2010
7 lbs. 9 oz.
19.5 inches

The surprised look on my sweet doctor's face was priceless when he walked in to deliver the baby that I was holding in my arms! He was only about 5 minutes late, but late enough that he missed the whole show! He was in the hospital, but Aubrey was just in too much of a hurry to get here in order to wait. After the doc came in and took care of the rest of what he was there to do, he decided to direct an impromptu photo session with my camera! Apparently it's his hobby of sorts, so we were lucky to get him to give us some good family photos!

Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Aubrey

Proud Papa

Big Sister Annaleigh was right there when Aubrey was born!
Alden was at home with Granddaddy, but came about midnight to meet his new sister!

Nana was there, too!

This is one of my favorite pictures. We had to get a picture with my doctor who I've seen with all of my children (although he didn't deliver Annaleigh), and my nurse, Amy. Aubrey wasn't too crazy about this at first, so he planted some kisses on her and things got much better for the next pic:

Dr. Bailey, a quiet Aubrey, and Amy

Daddy, Annaleigh, and Aubrey

Mommy and Aubrey

Nana and her 5th grandbaby

Aubrey and her Great-Grandmother Dunn

My three babies

Big Sister Annaleigh (exactly 1 month from being 12 years old)
Little Sister Aubrey (not yet 24 hours old)
Big Brother Alden (4 1/2 years old)

Aubrey's going home outfit

Two very blessed parents of three beautiful, healthy children

Heading home very late at night...Mommy couldn't stay in that bed one more second!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pregnancy - Week 38


We are so excited! The doc said today I am still at 3cm and 70%. He also said that when I come back on Thursday, I should "bring my things with me!" I have completely read into everything he said, but I was shocked when he said that if things were "not going by the weekend, then we would look at getting things started!" This rocket is about to leave the launchpad!!!

Back - to - School

Friday was spent shopping all day in Birmingham, and I mean ALL DAY. We all had a good time, and we were basically successful for what we were out to accomplish.

I took pics of what we bought for a couple of reasons, but mainly, as I explained to Annaleigh, because I wanted her to remember what she thought was "cool" for going to the sixth grade! When I began to tell her what was popular in my sixth grade year, her mouth almost hit the floor. I can't remember that year in specifics, but jr. high in general was plagued by many fads. The ones my friend Tiffany and I mentioned a few months back included Sabago deck shoes, bubble suits, swatch watches, wearing your pants "peg rolled," wearing all neon colors, two pairs of coordinating get the picture...not things that I really want to remember, but boy were they so cool at the time!!

I think when Annaleigh looks back at her preteen years, she'll maybe see that Uggs were not all the rage, nor were Wallaby's or whatever the new thing is this year. So, here is the warm weather clothes we bought, just so she'll remember!

All the bags...

Lots of shirts from Aeropostale, Abercrombie, and PS...
Also, some new shoes...that WE CAN SHARE B/C SHE NOW WEARS MY SIZE!!!

Cute sweats outfit...

Some dressier shirts and dresses for church too...